The Email Vault by Kiara Nelson

The Email Vault

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to create emails your tribe will love.

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to create emails your tribe will love.

We have two rules here: don't leave your email list hanging, and don't leave money on the table.

Can you imagine your email audience being fully engaged with your emails?

Imagine your subscribers getting the notification that you've sent an email and them instantly clicking it to see what great content you've got for them today.
Imagine being able to build trust among your email subscribers without wondering whether or not your email marketing is effective.
Paint a picture of where your business COULD BE after your email subscribers have fallen in love with your emails, to the point where they’re so confident in you that they are willing to purchase whatever it is that you’re offering!
Wow. One can only think, right?

Having an email list that loves getting your email list is an opportunity that you can't leave on the table! It's one thing to get their email in exchange for some freebie that you've created, but what happens after that?
Are you leaving potential sales on the table by not nurturing your subscribers? I've taken the pain out of all the brainstorming emailing ideas and compiled them into a vault for you. 

What the Email Vault users are saying...

"Prior to getting access to the Email Vault, I was only sending email for last-minute announcements, I wasn't getting the most of my email list or really building a relationship with my subscribers. The Email Vault helped changed that. I LOVE the pre-written copy that's included per topic/idea. Even if I don't use them verbatim, it's a great way to at least get ideas flowing."
Kési F.
"Since the Email Vault, I’ve been able to have peace of mind. I was feeling stressed trying to piece together emails. The vault has allowed me to just pick the one I need at that moment and save time. I feel confident in the workflow that I have set up and don’t feel ashamed when it comes to my email list. I love how the emails have a personal touch while still allowing you to position yourself as an expert in your industry."
Kourtney C.

Let's paint a picture, shall we?

You're sitting at your laptop brainstorming new ways to reach your audience...Maybe you're working on some social media content for the month. You get an email from one of your favorite fellow female bosses who captivates you with her subject line.
Before you know it, you're reading her email.
Before you know it, you're putting in your payment info to buy whatever it is she's selling.
And then you get a lightbulb - "I should start sending emails out!"
So you open your email, start typing annnnnnd.... nothing. You're coming up short no matter how hard you try to type some emails out. You're stuck wondering "how does she do it?"
Okay, story time over. Did I strike a nerve? Sorry 😬.
Now you know you should be utilizing email marketing in your strategy, but have no idea where to begin. Does this sound familiar?
There are a few huge mistakes I see when people try to communicate with their email subscribers, but here's the one that sticks out to me most.
1. They're too eager to sell.
Let's talk about it. No one wants to sign up to your email list and they first thing they get is an email saying "Buy this!" It's a huge red flag that you're only using email for money purposes, and their next step may be to unsubscribe.

Introducing the Email Vault 💌 🎉

Lifetime access to copy & paste email templates designed to make the best first impression on your email subscribers, build trust, and confidently pitch your services and/or products.

What's included?

The content you'll have access to 👇🏽

Welcome to the Email Vault 💌🎉
INSTANT Access to The Email Vault! 💌
Make your emails look good with Flodesk!
Subject Line tips for Your Emails
Create ENGAGING graphics (LIKE THIS ONE!) with these templates!
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Okay, I see these a lot. What makes The Email Vault different?

With other templates similar to The Email Vault, they hardly ever tell you what to say, and if they do, they don’t tell you why you need to say it.
The Email Vault is different, because it gives you reasoning behind the why of the emails you’ll be sending, in addition to telling you exactly what to say to build trust with your audience. 
Long gone are the days of wondering how to talk to your email subscribers. Because, let's be honest, if what you're sending isn't informative or interactive...guess what? may not have many email subscribers that will stay on your list...that's what.

After using The Email Vault, you’ll be able to:

  • ✨ Confidently slide in your audience’s inbox without the fear of being too boring (or being too much! Yep, that’s a thing.)
  •  ✨ Stop worrying about “what to say” or “how to say it” when it’s time to shoot your audience an email.
  •  ✨Grow a strong audience who sees your value, and who will see investing in your as a no-brainer.

First it's the freebie, then it's the money. 💌✨

Here's my formula for success using my email list:

  1. Provide a freebie of super high value. Remember my "5 Types of Lead Magnets" freebie? You loved it, didn't you? 😉

  2. Nurture your email list. No one wants to be sold to right out the gate. (We just met! Take me to dinner first.)  Send your email list 1-2 nurturing emails that introduced you, displays your value, and show them that you can relieve them of struggles they face in their industry.

  3. Make the sale. Now that you've provided them with MAJOR value, they've warmed up to you and they love you - it's time to seal the deal! Pitch your products or services to them and have those payment notifications coming in no time.

​You get all that & more with access to the Email Vault. Take a look below for a peak into the Vault! 👇🏽 💌✨

Here's what you'll get when you snag the Email Vault:

1. 10+ Email Templates to assist you in delivering your lead magnet, nurturing your audience, and making that sale 💸 and 10 additional email topics to send to your list at any given time.

2. Resources to help you find the best email marketing platform for you (plus some discounts!!) 

3. Tips + Tricks to getting a high-converting email that readers can't resist, along with my best email practices.

If you've made it this far...

If you’ve made it this far, I’m going to be that you’ve tried email marketing. You may even have an email list and you send emails here and there, but there’s probably no real purpose behind your emails, are there? Or are you only sending emails when it’s time for you to sell something? 

Got Questions? Check these out 👇🏽

How long do I get access to this template?

There's no time limit on the amount of access you have to The Email Vault! With your one purchase, you get lifetime access to it. Email prompts may be added frequently, so you can always access it at anytime with the login credentials that you'll be sent after your purchase.

How do I access this template?

To access The Email Vault, all you'll need is a Trello account of your own. It's free to create and once you purchase, you'll create a board of your own from the template I've created for you!